Fine art portraiture refers to a photo that has been changed from it's original state to reflect the photographer's vision. This is not a just a snapshot. There is careful planning on the wardrobe, backdrop, lighting, posing, etc. to create the photographer's vision. On top of the creative work involved there is also a finished product that makes it complete. Museum quality canvas gallery wraps use a cotton canvas and archival quality inks. The colors are vibrant and rich. Fine art HD prints use archival inks, as well, to produce rich textured photos that are matted and framed. For a modern look, there are metal prints in gloss or matte finish. In the end the this quality portrait is meant to give you a complete art piece for your family's enjoyment. The difference between placing a finished portrait in your home vs a store bought photo is the feeling you will get every time you see it. Nothing can bring more joy than seeing your child's face as you walk by it. 

You may have many cell phone photos, school photos, snap shots and even semi-professional holiday photos of your child but if you want to have art that pulls on your heart strings every time you see it, make the decision to give this a try. You will not regret it, I assure you. 

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